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      Dear NEASO Sisters and Brothers:

                     The NEASO RA Delegate Elections will be held at NEA Headquarters and NEA Member Benefits on Thursday, May 5, 2016.

                      Enclosed are Candidate Statements from candidates who timely submitted such statements[i].

      The balloted candidates for NSO Delegate are as follows:


      Mfon Akpan (MB) – no statement

      Tim Reed (HQ)-statement attached

      Dorrie Arrigo  (HQ)- statement attached

      Nina Rosales (MB)-no statement

      Sharon Bellamy (MB)-statement attached

      Shawn Scott (HQ)- no statement

      Tiffany Cain (HQ) – no statement

      Zac Shodiya (MB)-no statement

      Alfred Campos (HQ)-statement attached

      Kelvin Smith (HQ)-statement attached

      Willie Cook (HQ)-statement attached

      Marquita Smith (HQ)-statement attached

      Bronwyn Detalla (HQ)-statement attached

      Marian Solomon (MB)-no statement

      Dina Gann (MB)-no statement

      James Sparks (HQ)-no statement

      David Glenn  (MB)-no statement

      Doug Terwilliger (MB)-no statement

      Andrea Giunta (HQ)-no statement

      Branita Griffin Henson (HQ)- no statement

      Sean McCoy (HQ)-no statement

      Shannon Nephew (HQ)-no statement

      Brian Osterling (HQ)-statement attached

      Michael Petko (HQ)-no statement

                        Thank you for your participation in this important process. Your continued engagement in and support of NEASO’s activities, programs, and democratic processes keeps our Union strong.

      In Solidarity,

      The NEASO Elections Committee


      [i] NEASO neither endorses, opposes, favors, disfavors, nor takes any position whatsoever regarding the election of any candidate(s) for any NEASO office. The inclusion or absence of a statement from a particular candidate(s) in this document, the inclusion or absence of a photograph or other visual flourish in any particular Candidate Statement(s), and/or the order in which the Candidate Statements appear in this document should not be understood as an implicit endorsement of/opposition to the election of a particular candidate(s) by NEASO. As earlier indicated, NEASO included in this document statements from all candidates who timely submitted such statements. In this regard, please note that each candidate prepared and is solely responsible for the content and the visual presentation of his/her Candidate Statement (i.e. the inclusion or absence of any artwork, photography, emphasis, or other visual stimuli), and that NEASO did not draft, create, prepare, proof, review, revise, supplement, or edit any Candidate Statement, or otherwise assist any candidate(s) in the preparation of his/her statement. The Candidate Statements enclosed are arranged and presented in alphabetical order, by the candidates’ last names, and any deviation from such arrangement and presentation in any packet(s) of Candidate Statements is completely unintentional (and, most likely, the result of a copying/collating error).

      Download: Combined Statements.pdf

      NEASO_Logo Solid

      To:                   NEASO Members

      From:               NEASO Elections Committee

      Date:                April 6, 2016


      2016 NSO Representative Assembly Delegates

      NEASO is calling for nominations for delegates to the 2016 National Staff Organization (NSO) Representative Assembly (RA).  The NSO RA will meet on June 10 and 11, 2016 in Orange County, CA.

      The NSO RA is an annual gathering of voting representatives from NSO’s state affiliates to elect officers, share information and set priorities for the coming year.  As a delegate, you will have the opportunity to meet other NSO members from across the country, weigh in on pressing union issues, and learn more about the NSO.

      All NEASO members in good standing are eligible to be nominated for and elected to the RA delegation.

      The RA delegation will also include NEASO President Susan Nogan, HQ-Vice President Jay Hunter, MB-Vice President Zachary Reid, Secretary Ernestine Ussery, and Treasurer William Moreno, each of whom was elected to serve as both NEASO Officer and NSO delegate.  NEASO members will elect the remainder of the delegates by a secret ballot election on Thursday, May 5

      To nominate a NEASO member for the NSO RA delegate election, complete and return the enclosed/attached nomination form by midnight on Thursday, April 14.  Forms may be returned by U.S. Mail to NEASO, PO Box 66806, Washington DC 20036; by Fax to (202) 822-7802; by hand to Jean Mondejar in the NEASO Office.  Both nominator and nominee must be members in good standing of NEASO.  Signatures of both the nominator and nominee are required for the nomination to be considered valid. 

      You may also nominate a NEASO member for the NSO RA by electronic mail. The following rules apply to electronic mail nominations:

      1)         The nomination must be sent from the nominator’s work e-mail address (i.e. from the nominator’s  NEA, NEA Member Benefits Corporation, or NEA Healthy Future e-mail) and state the name of the nominee and the position he or she is being nominated for or include the completed official nomination form as an attachment;

      2)         The nominee must accept the nomination from his/her work e-mail address;

      3)         The nominator and nominee must e-mail Jean Mondejar, NEASO Office Manager, at jmondejar@nea.org with the nomination/acceptance of the nomination; and,

      4)         Nominations, as well as the acceptance thereof, are due by midnight on Thursday, April 14.

      All nominations are due by midnight on Thursday, April 14.  Nominees have until Friday, April 22 to withdraw from the ballot once nominated. 


      Download: Nomination Form.pdf


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