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  • Joint Labor Management Committee
    Aug 02, 2017


    Joint Labor-Management Committee
    June 28, 2017

    Joint Meeting Notes

    In attendance:
    Present: Steve Sluchansky
    Absent:  Chris Heyer, Tonya Scott; Harry Lawson, Kimberly Dominguez, Derrick Johnson

    Susan Nogan, Dorrie Arrigo, Dan DiJames, Tim Reed, Jay Hunter
    Absent:  Ernestine Ussery

    Observers:  Helene Matthews, Sheala Durant, Faye Northcutt, Janaina Sangy

    1.   Review of March Joint Meeting Notes:

    The June 28, 2017, Joint Meeting Notes were reviewed.
    Action Item:  Revise Meeting Note, Item #7 Joint Staff Development Committee

    2.  Review of Action Items:

    Action Item:  All Staff Meeting - Management will follow-up on the status of the feedback from the All Staff Meeting and the strategic plan. – Sent update on June 21 email, All Staff Meeting
    Action Item:  Travel Authorization Form (NEA will follow-up)

    Action Item:  Training and Development - Sheala will investigate feedback options, including surveys sent upon each course completion. – Not able to include survey when courses are completed unless it is an in-house training.  User can rate each course after completing the course.
    Action Item:  Add to the Joint Meeting Notes members who are absent.  The names of absent members have been added to the Joint Meeting Notes
    Action Item:   Indicate at each meeting which action items are closed and which action items remain open.  Status of action items opened and closed are added to the agenda.

    Discussion:  Contracting-out Report:

    The Committee discussed the January-March 2017 Report. The Joint Labor-Management Committee recommended that NEA workforce planning incorporate the information contained in the quarterly contracting and consulting report to identify areas in which NEA could increase internal capacity and reduce reliance on outsourcing.

    Action Item:  Follow up on status of contract with Direct Defense 
    Action Item:  Follow up on status of contract New Partners, Inc.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

    4.  Update:  Joint Staff Development Committee
    The Joint Staff Development Committee (JSDC) met on Thursday, June 22nd.  It welcomed new member Susan Hardey; is working on developing a survey with six or seven questions around training and professional development opportunities; will reach out to the Research department to assist in developing the questions; and is working on a series of data request needs. 

    5.  Discussion:  RA Hours Issues

    The Committee discussed whether any issues had been raised regarding RA work and hours and did not identify any issues.

    6.  Update:  Joint Training
    The next planned joint training continues to be on the Travel Policy and related issues. The joint training will be rescheduled by the JLMC Steering Committee.

    Action Item:  Carry Over

    7.  Update:  Performance Review Process (PRP)

    This item was tabled until the next JLMC Meeting.

    Action Item:  Carry Over to next JLMC Meeting 

    8.   The Committee was advised that some staff received a memo containing a detailed notice of which meals would be reimbursed, and to what limit, based on the meals to be offered staff working at NEA’s annual meeting.

    Action Item: NEASO committed to share a copy of the memo and NEA committed to follow up.

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