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  • Candidates Statement
    Updated On: Oct 30, 2018

     October 30, 2018

    Dear NEASO Sisters and Brothers:

                   The NEASO Elections will be held at NEA Headquarters and NEA Member Benefits on November 15th, 2018.

                    Enclosed are Candidate Statements from all candidates for NEASO office who timely submitted such statements. The balloted candidates for NEASO office are as follows:

                For NEASO President and NSO Delegate

    -     Jay Hunter (Candidate Statement Attached)
    Robin Jones (Candidate Statement Attached)

    -     Lauren Mayeaux (Candidate Statement Attached)

    For NEASO Treasurer and NSO Delegate

    -      Timothy Reed (Candidate Statement Attached)

    NEASO Director for NEA Headquarters (Three Positions Open)

              -      Brian Beallor (Candidate Statement Attached)
    Anthony Brisson (Candidate Statement Attached)
    Tiffany Cain (Candidate Statement Attached)
    Lisa Connor (Candidate Statement Attached)
    Ramona Parks Kirby (No Candidate Statement)
    Felix Perez (Candidate Statement Attached)
    John Riley  (Candidate Statement Attached)
    Kelvin Smith (No Candidate Statement)

    It is important to note that NEASO neither endorses, opposes, favors, disfavors, nor takes any position whatsoever regarding the election of any candidate(s) for any NEASO office. The inclusion or absence of a statement from a particular candidate(s), the inclusion or absence of a photograph or other visual flourish in any particular Candidate Statement(s), and/or the order in which the Candidate Statements appear in this posting should not be understood as an implicit endorsement of/opposition to the election of a particular candidate(s) by NEASO. As earlier indicated, NEASO included in this posting statements from all candidates who timely submitted such statements. In this regard, please note that each candidate prepared and is solely responsible for the content and the visual presentation of his/her Candidate Statement (i.e. the inclusion or absence of any artwork, photography, emphasis, or other visual stimuli), and that NEASO did not draft, create, prepare, proof, review, revise, supplement, or edit any Candidate Statement, or otherwise assist any candidate(s) in the preparation of his/her statement. The Candidate Statements enclosed are arranged and presented in alphabetical order, by the candidates’ last names, and any deviation from such arrangement and presentation in any packet(s) of Candidate Statements is completely unintentional (and, most likely, the result of a copying/collating error).

    Finally, thank you for your participation in this important process. Your continued engagement in and support of NEASO’s activities, programs, and democratic processes keeps our Union strong.

    In Solidarity,

    The NEASO Elections Committee



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